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What do I need to check for in a garage door and opener on a monthly basis?

A visual inspection of springs, rollers, cables, tracks and pulleys is essential. Certain moving parts need to be lubricated correctly and the door balance also needs to be checked. For openers it is best to test the reversing mechanism first by simply using a piece of wood underneath the door. The door should reverse immediately after striking the wood. Then a force setting test is also recommended and checking for additional safety devices.

When I try to open the garage door, it does not move but the opener lights blink. Why?

If the opener light blinks and the door does not move then the sensors may be detecting some obstruction in the door tracks or they could even be misaligned. When the sensors are well aligned, the lights blink but even a slight change in alignment between two sensors could result in the light not blinking and the door will not move.

What must I watch out when painting the door?

Use the right powder coat, make sure it's appropriate for the garage door material and can make it more resistant against elements. Cover the tracks to avoid operational problems. Also remember that painting can make the door a bit heavier, so it's better to seek the opinion of our experts in Coral Gables.

Do I need a lock on my garage door?

Newer electric garage door openers function as a lock and make it unlikely that an intruder can open your door from the outside. With an older opener, we do not recommend installing a lock if the door can be lifted from the outside as someone can cause damage while attempting to open the door when it is locked. Only consider a lock if you do not intend to have an automatic opener.

Why is my garage door falling too quickly when I close it?

It is possible that you have a broken spring or a loose cable. A heavy garage door is supported by the springs and cables that attach to it. If any of these break, their corresponding support will disappear and gravity will be able to exert more of its force on the door.

How do I know if my garage door has a safety reverse function?

By law, all garage doors need to have this function, and it’s easy to check if yours does. Open your garage door completely and place a piece of wood on the ground in the path of your door. Then, close your door. As soon as it hits the obstruction, it should stop and immediately reverse. You need to call in a technician if it doesn’t do this.

Garage Door Repair Coral Gables

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