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We have gathered practical garage door repair and maintenance tips for you.

Choose the right weather strips

Garage doors ought to be well sealed at all sides to avoid having air drafts entering the garage. For the side and top sides you can use stop molding or vinyl reverse angle jamb seals. They will close the gap between the door and the frame. For the bottom seal, choose a T-shape rubber or vinyl seal.

Do not scrimp

Garage doors are basically just like your front or back door in a sense that it is an access point to your home. It is an investment that you should not scrimp on. Choose a garage door with sufficient safety and security features, but at the same time offers accessibility and ease of use.

Maintenance of door cables

The door cables are high tension support cables which lift the door. They should not be tinkered with at all as their strength is enough to hurt. However, it can be observed if the cables are frayed, or any broken strands are visible. If any damage observed, it should never be handled on your own.

Protect your home from hurricanes

During hurricane season, garage door reinforcement is very important. If the garage door is blown away, the roof and walls of your house will follow soon after. If you live in a hurricane prone region, make sure your garage door is heavyweight and it can be reinforced with horizontal and vertical bracing. Garage door maintenance plays a vital role during these times, so don't skip it.

Loose cables are not safe

When garage door cables become loose, it's good to fix them fast. At first, it might seem as a small problem because you will only notice the door moving in a slower pace but eventually loose cables won't allow the door to reach the ground and close properly and this would compromise your security. The work of springs would become harder and they will wear down sooner.

Replacing broken garage door springs

If the garage door has two springs and one of them is broken, then it is better to replace both the springs rather than just one. If a new spring and an old spring are used together then it can cause imbalance in the operation of the door. In case of 2 separate doors, it's better to replace the entire spring set if they are all the same age.

Garage Door Repair Coral Gables

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