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Our Garage Door Repair in Coral Gables is the company that everyone calls for all of their door services. We are called more then any other company/contractor. This is because we can do every door service that has to do with a garage door. One of our services that we do is with remotes. A garage door remote is used along with a opener.

Garage Door Remote Clicker Our Garage Door Repair in Coral Gables can make sure that you buy the right remote for your opener. We will install, replace or repair your garage door remote. We believe that our customers deserve the best so this is why we offer these remotes:

  •     Genie Intellicode in Coral Gables
  •     Liftmaster Security + in Coral Gables
  •     Clicker in Coral Gables
  •     Multi Code  in Coral Gables

Our garage door contractor also offers a maintenance/adjustments service. This is a service where we will come to your garage as often as every few months to every year and do regularly maintenance with lubrication. We will oil your springs and your tracks. We will inspect all parts and make sure there are no potential problems. This is a great protection service for your garage door.

Now let us talk about another service that our company offers to our customers. This is with door springs. This is a very vital service because garage door springs should never be changed by homeowners. They can snap back and really hurt someone. There are two different springs. There is:

  •     Torsion door springs in Coral Gables-  for heavy doors.
  •     Extension springs in Coral Gables-  for light doors.
  •     Galvanized springs in Coral Gables-made from combining zinc and iron

Always have one of our experts take care of them for you. We can replace or install them safely and with great quality. Call us today.

Garage door openers weigh a lot. They are huge and these two things make it hard to install or replace them. But our contractors at our company in Coral Gables are extensively trained in garage door openers and can install them in no time at all. We have  Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears, and Marantec garage door openers and they are all top brands because our customers deserve the best. These openers work off of drives like:

  •     Chain Drive in Coral Gables -  most common and quite noisy.
  •     Screw Drive in Coral Gables- next up, less noisy and more expensive
  •     Belt Drive in Coral Gables-  quiet but expensive.

We can also take care of a garage door opener you already have by doing garage door troubleshooting.

Garage door replacements/installation is a service that we at our Door Repair in Coral Gables are very honored to do. This is a service we will come out to your address and replace or install a door for you. Or we can install a window. We have wooden doors in Coral Gables, Craftsman doors, aluminum doors and steel garage doors. All of these doors come in a range of colors and styles. Ask about our glass doors also. They are a lot durable then you might think. They have a strong metal frame. They have a coating that is privacy secured.

Garage door repairs are a large part of any door service company and it is the same for our Garage Door Repair in Coral Gables.  Our entire contractors have went through extensive training on door repairs. Having us at our company do these repairs for you will guarantee they are done right. Some of these problems that can occur are: door off track , the replace section of door, bottomr rubber and weather strip.

Garage doors cables & tracks are a key part of a door.

They are the part that operates the door. Our Garage Door Repair in Coral Gables has both the cables and the tracks. Keep in mind that the cable is a lot cheaper then the track. Because these need special care always let one of our contractors do the work on them. Some of the things that can go wrong are: cable snappe, cable came off, cable loose, cable broken, and replace garage track.

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