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The Greatest Threats behind Open Garage Doors

11/26/2013 Back To Blog

Specialized technicians and professional experts of any garage door repair in Coral Gables would agree that 50% of home invasions in Florida take place at homes, where homeowners forgot to close the garage door behind them. If you take into consideration that many aluminum overhead doors stay half open or don't close properly due to lack of maintenance or a specific problem, then the figure of this percentage definitely increases. People get absent minded very often, but today technology can take care of these human weaknesses as well.

Solve the problem once and for all

When it comes to serious matters like your home security, you shouldn't forget the garage doors open, but everyday problems and obligations may take your mind away. Hence, you should get sensors, which are activated when they don't feel any movement for a few minutes. They can be programmed to shut the door a few minutes after your departure. You can also order a special device that can warn you that the door has been left open.

Don't forget the importance of maintenance

The more you check on the mechanism, the more confident you will feel. Garage door maintenance would give you the chance to know which parts are fine and which ones are problematic. You wouldn't want to deal with a broken garage door spring, but rather replace the old springs before they snap or immobilize your door. Certain problems with the opener could also prevent the door from closing firmly on the ground and the damaged bottom seal would definitely leave a small gap, which will not only invite intruders in, but also allow tiny animals, insects and elements to enter.

The new keypad generation

A new generation wireless garage door keypad can be installed outside and allow your entrance with your fingertip or a special password. Of course, if there are multiple members of the family that are using the garage door, the device can be programmed to recognize more codes or fingertips.

Protect the remotes

Don't leave the remote controls hanging around or inside an unlocked car in the driveway. You must also keep them away from your children because apart from their own safety, they can endanger the whole house by leaving the garage door open unwillingly. So, keep the remotes always with you.

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